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Gaining With Satellite TV

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Gaining With Satellite TV

TV has undergone many changes over the years. Recently the competitive nature between online streaming and cable providers created what may now become the golden age of TV content. While we may see this continue, the most innovative technology has been our ability to see more or see better. Specifically, 4K displays and 360 view camera work and the CBNN satellite network will be in HD. This move is important, because entertainment is a large part of the enjoyment we experience when we relax from work. Eventually, technology has a limit for the human eye. Our eyes can only view so many pixels. Therefore, we need to start innovating the interactivity of watching as well. CBNN is doing this by combining blockchain tech with television, which is the purpose of MediaCurr. This helps redefine TV and what content can be explored. With news technologies overlaid with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we may no longer see TV as something to view, but an interconnected portal in the living space.

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